Patient Vision Exam

Don't Wait to Discuss Your Dry Eyes With Your Eye Doctor

Make Your Appointment for a
Chronic Dry Eye Screening

Visit an Ophthalmologist or an Optometrist

  • Both are eye doctors and can screen you for your type of Chronic Dry Eye disease
  • Both can diagnose and prescribe RESTASIS® for Chronic Dry Eye disease caused by reduced tear production due to inflammation

Do Not Wait—Ask to Get Screened for Chronic Dry Eye
Disease Now

  • Do not wait for your annual vision checkup
  • Chronic Dry Eye disease is a lifelong condition–get it diagnosed and
    treated as soon as possible

Schedule a Medical Appointment—You Do Not Have to
Wait for Your Annual Vision Exam

  • Your eye doctor accepts both vision insurance and medical insurance,
    depending on the reason for your visit
  • You may be surprised to learn that you can use your medical
    insurance at your eye doctor's office, as long as you have a medical
    reason for your visit
  • Do not wait for your annual vision exam, because a visit to your eye
    doctor to get screened for a type of Chronic Dry Eye disease may be
    covered by your medical insurance
  • When you schedule your Chronic Dry Eye disease screening, make
    sure the office staff lists it as a medical appointment and not as your
    annual vision exam
Vision Insurance

Pays only for routine
vision exams

Medical Insurance

Pays for medical exams that
check for eye diseases such as
Chronic Dry Eye disease

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Approved Use
Ophthalmic Emulsion
help increase your eyes’ natural
ability to produce tears, which may
be reduced by inflammation due to
Chronic Dry Eye. RESTASIS® and
RESTASIS MultiDose® did not
increase tear production in patients
using anti-inflammatory eye drops
or tear duct plugs.

Important Safety Information
Do not use RESTASIS® and
RESTASIS MultiDose® Ophthalmic
Emulsion if you are allergic to any
of the ingredients. Be careful not to
touch the container tip to your eye
or other surfaces, to help avoid eye
injury and contamination.
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