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The same RESTASIS® formulation that doctors
have prescribed 6.4 million times since 2003**

More compact

Less plastic packaging

Same price

(In comparison to a package
of RESTASIS® single-use vials)

*Source: RESTASIS® (single-use vials): IMS Health Data, March 2015 - February 2017.

**RESTASIS® (single-use vials) Projected Patient Counts SOW 2016-04

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How to use RESTASIS MultiDose

Preparing to use RESTASIS MultiDose™ for the
first time

  • Pull off the clear shipping cover by pulling straight up, and then throw
    it away
  • Next remove the pull tab on the green
    colored protective cap by pulling the end of
    the pull tab away from the bottle, then winding
    it counterclockwise. Throw the pull tab away.
  • Don't use RESTASIS MultiDose™ if either the shipping cover or the pull
    tab are damaged or missing
  • Then remove the green colored protective cap by pulling it straight up.
    Be sure to keep this protective cap.
  • Prime the bottle for the first time by squeezing 2 drops onto a tissue.
    Don't let the bottle tip touch the tissue.
  • Then place the green colored protective cap back by pushing it straight
    down onto the bottle. Now RESTASIS MultiDose™ is ready to use.

Administering a dose of RESTASIS MultiDose

  • Before using RESTASIS MultiDose™, turn the bottle upside down a
    few times to make sure the medicine is mixed well
  • Instill 1 drop in each eye
  • Then replace the green colored protective cap by pushing it straight down
    onto the bottle until you're ready to use RESTASIS MultiDose™ again
  • It's important that you wait 15 minutes after applying
    RESTASIS MultiDose™ before reinserting your contact lenses
  • Use 1 drop of RESTASIS MultiDose™ twice a day
    in each eye, 12 hours apart—every day
  • Do not touch the bottle tip to your eye or other surfaces
  • If you are using artificial tears and RESTASIS MultiDose™,
    leave 15 minutes between products
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Approved Use
Ophthalmic Emulsion
help increase your eyes’ natural
ability to produce tears, which may
be reduced by inflammation due to
Chronic Dry Eye. RESTASIS® and
RESTASIS MultiDose™ did not
increase tear production in patients
using anti-inflammatory eye drops
or tear duct plugs.

Important Safety Information
Do not use RESTASIS® and
RESTASIS MultiDose™ Ophthalmic
Emulsion if you are allergic to any
of the ingredients. Be careful not to
touch the container tip to your eye
or other surfaces, to help avoid eye
injury and contamination.
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RESTASIS MultiDose™ Bottle Technology

Learn more about how the RESTASIS MultiDose™ bottle works.

RESTASIS® (Cyclosporine Ophthalmic Emulsion) 0.05% Vial