Eye Care Professional Exam

Take the Dry Eye Quiz

Should You Get Screened for Chronic Dry Eye Disease?

Take this quiz to determine if you may have a type of Chronic Dry Eye disease. Three quick questions can help you see how much of an issue dry eyes may be in your life. Share your results with an eye doctor and ask to get screened.

  1. I often use artificial tears (also known as over-the-counter lubricant eye drops).
    True False

  2. I’m frustrated that artificial tears aren’t giving me lasting relief.
    True False

  3. How do you feel about your dry eyes?
    I rarely notice my dry eyes.

    My dry eyes occasionally bother me.

    My dry eyes often affect my daily activities.

    My dry eyes are extremely bothersome.


Approved Use
Ophthalmic Emulsion
help increase your eyes’ natural
ability to produce tears, which may
be reduced by inflammation due to
Chronic Dry Eye. RESTASIS® and
RESTASIS MultiDose® did not
increase tear production in patients
using anti-inflammatory eye drops
or tear duct plugs.

Important Safety Information
Do not use RESTASIS® and
RESTASIS MultiDose® Ophthalmic
Emulsion if you are allergic to any
of the ingredients. Be careful not to
touch the container tip to your eye
or other surfaces, to help avoid eye
injury and contamination.
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